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Supreme Court of the United States

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<div style="padding-left:40px;">&mdash; [[Anthony A. Falzarano]]<ref name="Falzarano2009">{{cite book |title=And Such Were Some Of You! One Man's Walk Out Of The Gay Lifestyle |author=Anthony Falzarano |publisher=Xulon Press |place=U.S.A. |year=2009 |chapter=18.What the ex-gay movement must accomplished to succeed |pages= 223 |isbn=978-1606473863 |url= }}</ref></div>
The '''Supreme Court of the United States''' (SCOTUS) is the highest court of the judiciary of the [[United States of America]]. The Court accepts for substantive review (known as granting a writ of [[certiorari]], or often shortened as "grants cert") only about 75 out of 7,500 petitions filed in it each year. And not all of those result in an actual court hearing: the court may grant cert in a case similar to one where the Court did render an opinion may be granted cert, but then remanded instead of a hearing will remand (returned return to the lower court) the case to reconsider a its decision in light of the Court's opinion in the similar case.
[[Alexander Hamilton]] originally described the federal judiciary as the "least dangerous branch" due to the fact that it does not have the power to enforce its rulings, or control the country's [[finance]]s.<ref> Federalist #78</ref> However, due to [[liberal]] tendencies the Supreme Court has grabbed so much power in the last half-century that it currently exceeds the authority of the other branches of government.
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