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'''Maine''' was the twenty-third state to enter into the union. Its capital is Augusta. The state is one of the less staunchly Democrat-favoring states in the Northeast, with its 1st congressional district swinging heavily towards the [[Democratic Party]] and its 2nd congressional district leaning [[Republican]]. Maine, which was discovered by the French, is named after the ancient province of Maine in [[France]], which dates back to [[Gaul]].<ref></ref>
Maine is unusual in denying all religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccination requirements, by legislation enacted in 2019 over Republican opposition, having an effective date of Sept. 1, 2021. A ballot initiative in March 2020, sought to overturn this law, but spending by [[Big Pharma]] defeated the initiative by a margin of 73-27%.<ref>,_Religious_and_Philosophical_Vaccination_Exemptions_Referendum_(March_2020)</ref>
The state Constitution of Maine, like all of the other 50 states, acknowledges God or our Creator or the ''Sovereign Ruler of the Universe''. It says:
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