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The French channel referred to an old United Nations report documenting systematic torture in [[Donbas]], but it neglected to mention either the Azov Battalion's special prisons uncovered by the Russian army,<ref></ref> or statements issued by the UN in this regard. France-2 also failed to explain the weight of the [[Banderite]]s in [[Ukrainian nationalist]] history, reducing the prominence of the neo-Nazis to brandishing the [[swastika]]. France-2 reported the threat to be between 3,000 and 5,000 men, while ''[[Reuters]]'' reported the paramilitary [[Banderite]]s number to be 102,000 men, split into several militias incorporated within the Territorial Defense.
A former French Army soldier who spent several weeks in Ukraine delivering medical equipment and supplies told Sud Radio:
{{quotebox-float|"There, on the spot I saw [[war crimes]]. I saw a lot of war crimes. The only crimes I saw during the days I was there were perpetrated by Ukrainian forces...I saw Russian soldiers who were taken prisoner, bound and badly beaten…They were brought [to a detention area] in groups of three or four in minibuses. Every soldier exiting the minibus received a bullet from a Kalashnikov rifle in the knee…Those who admitted that they were officers got shot in the head...When I returned to France, I was extremely shocked by what the people who were invited on the TV shows were saying. A chasm exists between what I see and hear on TV and what I saw on the spot. For me it’s abominable...It shocks me enormously that Europe still gives weapons to a force which in my view are neo-Nazis, who have neo-Nazi insignia. We don’t talk about it. It’s an [[SS]] insignia brandished across Ukraine, everywhere...No one in Ukraine seems concerned about this, while we arm them with European weapons. They go off and commit war crimes, I saw this myself."<ref></ref>}}
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