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Anti-Asian hate crime

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/* March 2022 */
Tammel Esco faces charges of attempted murder after he allegedly attacked a woman in Yonkers, New York State.
The 42-year-old was seen assaulting his 67-year-old neighbor in which he hit her 125 times.</blockquote></ref> after being called racial slur.<ref>Liam Reilly, [ Asian woman stomped on and punched more than 125 times after being called racial slur, police say], ''CNN'', Mar 15, 2022.</ref> He stomped on her because she was Asian.<ref name=nyt-14mar2022>[ Man Hit Woman in the Head 125 Times Because She Was Asian, Officials Say], ''The New York Times'', March 14, 2022.</ref>
==May 2022==
*[[NBC News]] reported one dead, five injured, in shooting during Asian church service.<ref></ref>
==See also==
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