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Donald Trump

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|preceded=[[Barack Obama]]
|succeeded=[[Joe Biden]] (reaffirmed every single time in courtdisputed)
:''For his achievements as U.S. President, see [[Donald Trump achievements]].''
:''Donald Trump was [[Conservative of the Year]] in [[Conservative of the Year 2017|2017]] and [[Conservative of the Year 2018|2018]].''
'''Donald John Trump''' (b. [[Queens]], [[New York]], on [[Donald Trump's age|June 14, 1946]]), nicknamed "'''The Donald'''," was the 45th [[President of the United States of America]], as a result of winning the [[2016 presidential election]] as the [[Republican Party]] nominee. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and [[television]] personality. A strong [[conservative]], Trump [[Donald Trump achievements|achieved much during his presidency]] and advanced many conservative priorities. He greatly benefited the US energy sector by reducing the energy dependence of the US in the Middle East, helping gasoline prices go down, and encouraging projects such as the Keystone Pipeline. Despite this, he received more criticism than any U.S. president in history, almost all of which is justifiedpurely politically motivated.
In the [[United States presidential election, 2020|2020 presidential election]], Trump was humiliated by Joe Biden of all peoplereceived at least a record-smashing 74+ million lawful votes, mirroring many in the pathetic performance key [[swing states]]. This confirms him as the leader of his masterthe [[Republican Party]], Vladimir Putin's performance in indeed the Russia-Ukraine Warentire nation, for the foreseeable future. Many conservatives who no longer feel they identify with Trump are retiring. This is the most probable cause that at least 25% of Republican senators up in 2022 plan to retire, and many other transitions are occurring among the GOP nationwide.
Trump and his wife Melania tested positive for the [[Wuhan virus]] in early October 2020.<ref>Multiple references: