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/* Military Government (1973-1990) */
This great work was not exempt from interferences, demands and sacrifices, since at the beginning it was necessary to overcome the disastrous consequences of the previous administrations and the prevailing polarization. Subsequently, it was necessary to face defamation, the economic crises in the neighborhood, and the wily terrorist and subversive actions. These, together or in isolation, ([[U.S. Senator]] [[Edward Kennedy|Edward "Ted" Kennedy]] made the "[[Kennedy Amendment]]" that blocked any selling of weapons to Chile, and also the U.S. imposed a blockade on fruit exports) in could have led any government to political, economic and social collapse. However, the Government of the Armed Forces and Carabineros, based on efficiency, patriotism and joint effort, with a more than important part of society, managed to overcome the obstacles and deliver a better future for all Chileans.
[[File:Military men victims of Left Wing Terrorism in Chile.jpg|350px|thumbnail|Military men victims of Left Wing Terrorism in Chile.]]
There is an evident reality that shows that important sectors of the political spectrum not only tried gradually and systematically to delegitimize the Military Government, but even, once they determined the impossibility of achieving their goals, they used means and tools contrary to peaceful coexistence, even seeking its destabilization, accepting, encouraging or participating in Chilean and foreign extremist organizations contrary to the idiosyncrasy and national identity.
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