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Global warming

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/* Public stances on global warming */ Public opinion as well as Putin
==Public stances on global warming==
In 2021 72% of American believed that global warming is real and 14# believed that was not.<ref>[]</ref> However, the ''Daily Mail'' gives a figure of 63% of Americans who believe in climate change. Another survey in March 2021 conducted in the United States, some 70 percent of the respondents said they believed that global warming was happening. A much smaller share, 15 percent, believed global warming was not happening.<ref>[]</ref> In the UK, according to a ''Daily Mail'' poll, "the public strongly supportsc [Conservative] [[Boris Johnson]]’s bid to curb climate change – but they are not prepared to pay more than £5 extra a week in tax to fund his trillion-pound green energy plans".<ref>[]></ref> While little is known about public opinion in Russia, the Russian government is beginning to take climate change seriously. Vladimir Putin, who was for long a sceptic, said in 2021 that "climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. He reiterated this in connection with the climate summit in Glasgow in November this year".<ref>[,-climate-scientists-convinced-vladimir-putin-that-climate-change-is-real/1956249]</ref>
===Climate change as a cult===
The zeal of climate-change advocates and lack of objectivity has led some observers to see it as a core belief in a new eco-theology, using themes of traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs. Columnist Deon Feder warns,<ref>Feder, Don (July 31, 2007). [ "The cult of global warming"]. Retrieved from archive at on September 27, 2014.</ref> that following other attempts such as Marxism, overpopulation, ''[[Silent Spring]]'',