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PZ Myers

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'''Paul Zachary Myers''', better known as '''PZ Myers''', is a [[liberal]], [[atheism|atheist]] and [[evolution]]ist activist in the [[creation-evolution controversy]], contributing to [[The Panda's Thumb (blog)|The Panda's Thumb]] and [[Pharyngula (blog)|Pharyngula]] blogs. Myers is also an associate professor of [[biology]] at the [[University of Minnesota]] Morris (UMM)<ref name="citypages">[ ''The Mad Scientist''] City Pages, Volume 26 - Issue 1303, November 23, 2005 Cover story</ref> Myers is also a co-founder of [[Freethought Blogs]].
PZ Myers commented, while listening to [[Michael Behe]] lecture on [[Intelligent design]], that "In science, we scream a lot."<ref name="citypages"/> Myers' emotionalism and combative nature may have helped earn him the label of being an "online provocateur" having an "[[eccentric]] voice" by the newspaper ''[[USA Today]]''.<ref></ref> In a 2014 lecture, Myers said he is known for being a "weird," "loud," "radicalized" and "firebrand" type of "[[New Atheism|New Atheist]]."<ref>[ Which Is the Real PZ Myers?],'' Evolution News and Views'', Casey Luskin June 9, 2014 12:07 PM</ref> In 2012, PZ Myers declared, "...I don’t object to [[bestiality]] in a very limited set of specific conditions...".<ref name="achilles">[ Atheist Achilles Heels: Objective Morality and Sacred Life]</ref><ref>[ The “objective morality” gotcha]</ref> See also: [[PZ Myers on bestiality]] and [[Atheism and bestiality]]
Subsequent to the [[New Atheism#Decline of New Atheism|decline of the New Atheism movement]], Myers wrote, "History will not remember me..." (see: [[PZ Myers' loss of influence]]).<ref>[ Apparently, the atheist PZ Myers recognizes that the New Atheism movement failed and that the 21st century is going to be a century of desecularization], ''Examining Atheism''</ref> In July 2017, Myers renounced the New Atheism movement.<ref>[ The New Atheism is dead. Long live atheism.]</ref> Concerning formerly being a new atheist, Myers said in 2019: "...I was naive and stupid".<ref>[ The train wreck that was the New Atheism] by PZ Myers, [[Freethought Blogs|]], January 25, 2019</ref>