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Further clarification of the three main ideologies that were grouped as one.
[[File:Xi-jinping-hope.jpeg‎|right|200px|thumb|The global elite and American leftists look to CCP murderer<ref></ref> [[Xi Jinping]] for Hope after the election of [[Donald Trump]].<ref> File:Xi-jinping-hope.jpeg‎ </ref> "Socialism with Chinese characteristics" is defined as having your heart cut out while you're still alive.<ref></ref>]]
'''Socialism''' is often, confusingly, used to refer to several very different different political ideologies. This includes [[communism]] (which itself varies, considerably), democratic socialism, which is found in many nontotalitarian societies (see for example the British [[Labour Party]]), and [[Adolf Hitler]]’s far-right, anti-commmenist [[National Socialist German Workers’ Party]]. Russia used to be know as the [[Union of Soviet Socialist Republics]].<ref>[<]</ref> Socialism refers to a set of related left-wing socio-economic systems based on control by a bureaucratic elite of the means of production (as opposed to individuals personally owning property). It is a failed system.,<ref>Multiple references:
*Scaliger, Charles (September 6, 2019). [ Socialist Realities]. ''The New American''. Retrieved September 6, 2019.
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*Behreandt, Dennis (September 3, 2019). [ Going With “Fair” Healthcare]. ''The New American''. Retrieved September 6, 2019.</ref> ideology based , in the case of communism, on [[hate]], dehumanization, [[envy]], [[class conflict|segregating people by class]], and [[mass murder]]<ref>Behreandt, Dennis (September 9, 2019). [ The Deadly History of Socialism]. ''The New American''. Retrieved September 9, 2019.</ref> and which promotes [[totalitarianism]] at the expense of [[individual freedom]].<ref>Scaliger, Charles (September 2, 2019). [ Socialism Explained]. ''The New American''. Retrieved September 2, 2019.<br>See also:*Jasper, William F. (December 17, 2019). [ Socialists Stop Spread of Success]. ''The New American''. Retrieved December 17, 2019.</ref> The movement is communists and Nazis are responsible for the murder of at least 94 million people over the past 100 years.<ref>Werth, Nicolas; Panné, Jean-Louis; Paczkowski, Andrzej; Bartosek, Karel; Margolin, Jean-Louis (October 1999), Courtois, Stéphane, ed., ''[ The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression]'', Harvard University Press, p. 4.</ref> The fundamental flaw of socialism is the belief that one person has the right to the fruit of another person's [[labor]] and [[private property]], for example, that healthcare paid by others is a "human right." Socialism has led to increased bureaucracy and reduced freedoms even in Scandinavia,<ref>Meninger, Edward J. (September 10, 2019). [ Do It Like Denmark?] ''The New American''. Retrieved September 10, 2019.</ref> and it has been tried and failed in countries such as the [[United Kingdom]], [[India]], and [[Israel]] during the 20th century.<ref>Edwards, Lee (October 16, 2019). [ Three Nations That Tried Socialism and Rejected It]. ''The Heritage Foundation''. Retrieved October 23, 2019.</ref>
The two most infamous socialist regimes of the 20th century were the [[Bolsheviks]], headed by [[Vladimir Lenin]],<ref></ref> and the [[Nazi Party|National Socialist German Workers' Party]] (Nazi Party), headed by [[Adolf Hitler]].<ref></ref> The schism between these two competing ideologies for global mastery resulted in [[World War II]].