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Sesame Street

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==Muppet Characters==
* [[Big Bird]]-- A huge yellow bird taller than most people who walks on 2 legs, a good natured but simple creature* [[Cookie Monster]]-- a lover of all cookies* [[Snuffleupagus]]-- a creature who looks a bit like an elephant; at first only big bird saw him, but that has changed* [[Oscar the Grouch]]-- lives in a garbage can, has a generally cantankerous nature
* [[Elmo]]
* [[The Count]]-- a vampire who loves to count* [[Bert & Ernie]]-- human muppets; Ernie's child-like goofs are balanced by Bert's more serious nature
* [[Telly Monster]]
* [[Kermit the Frog]]-- a green frog hand muppet who went on to star in the muppet movies* [[Grover]]-- typical friendly monster, also the voice of Yoda* [[Miss Piggy]]-- prone to explosive outburts, she also has a crush on Kermit
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