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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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The '''Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints,'''<ref>[ Style Guide - The Name of the Church]</ref> informally known as the '''Mormon Church''', was founded by [[Joseph Smith]] in 1830. It started with a total of 6 people, the minimum according to New York state law at the time. The church migrated from New York to Kirtland Ohio, until they were forced out by mobs, after which they moved to Nauvoo, Illinois. The church also sent large groups of Saints to Missouri while they were in Kirtland, Ohio. These missionaries were forced out of the sate of Missouri by an extermination order issued by the state governor and joined the Saints in Illinois. After several years in Nauvoo, mobs from local towns murdered Joseph Smith and forced the Mormons out. In 1847, Mormons, led by [[Brigham Young then lead the Saints ]], traveled west to escape persecution and founded [[Salt Lake City]], [[Utah ]], where the Latter-Day Saint Church is still headquarteredcontinues to be headquarted today. Mormons perform enormous amounts of missionary activity. Today, there are The church has now expanded to more than 12.5 million members.<ref>[ Worldwide Church Statistics]</ref> In 1847, Mormons, led by [[Brigham Young]], traveled west to escape persecution and founded [[Salt Lake City]], [[Utah]]. Salt Lake City is famous for its wide streets, which were made wide enough to allow a wagon team to turn around. Salt Lake City is home to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, which has been recording since 1910 and broadcasting since 1929. Its recordings usually feature Mormon hymns and patriotic music. The Choir has made five gold and two platinum recordings.
Church members follow a law of health known as the Word of Wisdom that promotes healthy eating as well as avoiding tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea, and illegal drugs.<ref>[ The Word of Wisdom]</ref>