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/* Theory 2 */
: Is this website a satire? A spoof? "If the universe is young..." What an insane question. How about "If the moon is made of cheese..." WE KNOW the universe is billions of year sold. All scientists agree on this. Can anyone expalin why some of the best scientists in the world are American but the American public (the Right and Conservative, mainly) seem so scientifically illiterate? I just do not understand it. What next? Will Americans start asking themselves "if the world is flat why don't we fall of when we get to the edges?" --[[User:thevoiceofsanity|thevoiceofsanity]] 24 july 2007 (EDT)
:I tend to avoid the edges - there is no reason to beleive the heliocentrist theory. It is liberal propaganda!!!--[[User:Xifuwu|Xifuwu]]
== Theory 3 ==