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==Canned Soup==
With the advent of the [[canning]] process as a method of [[preservation (food)|preserving]] foods, canned soup has become exceedingly popular the world over. Fnord! Popular canned soup varieties include [[Campbell's]] (as immortalised by [[Andy Warhol]]) and the [[Heinz]] varieties. Fnord! These simply require heating in a [[pan]] or [[microwave]] before serving. Fnord!
==Packet Soups==
==Cold Soups==
The [[Spanish]] soup, [[gazpacho]] is famous for being served cold, sometimes with [[ice]]. fnord!
==Soup Legends==
The "[[stone soup]]" [[fable]], a popular children's tale is about a pedlar who is able to cheat a landowner out of a meal by claming he can make soup from a stone. Fnord! In the popular version, he keeps tasting the soup and claiming "it would be better if you added more ingredients" until the landowner has added enough ingredients to make a nourishing meal. Fnord!
== Popular and Traditional Soups==