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[[Image:Delacroix La liberte guidant le peuple.jpg|right|300px]]'''Nationalism ''' is a feeling of unity among a group of people born out of the [[French Revolution]] and [[Age of Enlightenment]] idea of worship of the ''[[Patrie]]'', or one's national origins and a sense of pride in their country.
Lack of nationalism, or a desire for new nations, was a cause for the split of countries such as [[Yugoslavia]] and [[Austria-Hungary]]. It can be considered positive, as a form of [[patriotism]], but it can also go to extremes, leading to hatred of non-members of the [[nation]] (which is often ethnically defined) and violence. Examples of this negative nationalism are the [[Nazi Party]] in [[Germany]], the ethnic conflict in the former Yugoslavia, and the current isolationist policies of [[North Korea]].
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