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The "Enron 3", [[Ken, Lay]], [[Jeffery Skilling]], and [[Andrew Fastow]], the top officers of Enron were all convicted for their role in the collapse of Enron. Enron's accounting firm Arthur Andersen was convicted of obstruction of justice for its dealings in the event, and went from being one of the top five accounting firms in the world, to a mere shadow of its original stature. This is because the numerous civil suits against it, lack of credibility, and loss of clients in the Enron collapse. The [[Houston Astro'sAstros]] baseball stadium, Enron Stadium, was changed to Minute Maid Field after the incident. Many documentaries,movies, and books about th Enron Scandal have been created, one of the most notable is the movie, Fun with Dick and Jane, with a storyline loosely based around the scandal, even mentioning Enron in the credits.
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