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Operation Keelhaul

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'''Operation Keelhaul''' was secret military operation that forcibly returned 2 million Russians captured during [[World War II]] back to the communist [[Soviet Union]], where [[Joseph Stalin]] would punish them for being "traitors" to [[communism]]. The operation was kept secret from the [[American]] people for decades. The term "keelhaul" refers the most brutal punishment inflicted on a sailor, whereby a sailor is tortured by tying him in ropes and hauling him under a boat's keel to virtually certain death.
One example of the subterfuge used to return these [[Russians]] was a conference on May 28, 1945, in Lienz, Austria. The [[British]] forces told [[Cossack ]] officials to attend this conference, and whose families were not to worry. An English officer calmed their nerves by declaring, "I assure you on my word of honor as a British officer that you are just going to a conference." Then 2,749 Cossacks (including 2,201 officers) were driving into a prison camp to be picked up by [[Soviet]] armed authorities and forcibly returned to the [[Soviet Union]].
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