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:::Mr. Schlafly, I feel that you have misinterpreted my statement. I do not feel aggrieved or picked upon because my contributions have been challenged; and I have no objection to post-game analysis. There are certainly areas which could be improved in future contests and I hope my previous comments are taken into account. While gamesmanship may sometimes be questionable, it should be handled during the contest and not after the fact if the game was played to the letter of the law. Some people criticized the English rugby team when they won the world cup for scoring too many points from goals kicked by Johnny Wilkinson but the scoring system has a set numbers of points for a goal or a touch-down. In soccer, technically gifted teams are often frustrated by poor opposition who play defensively and either seek a draw or hope to snatch a sneak win. A team is entitled to play to its strengths. If someone has made an arithmetical error in their score then by all means challenge the calculation but trying to change the result after the final whistle smacks of Al Gore-ism. So far, all we have had is a big row over a family game of Monopoly which is getting increasingly ugly. This is not my style. My time in hospital gave me many hours to reflect on the purpose of life and how we treat those around us. Life is too short to nitpick over a friendly game and I would like my score to be stricken from the record. [[User:BrianCo|BrianCo]] 07:22, 25 November 2007 (EST)
:::: BrianCo, you make many good points. I certainly agree that, in an ideal situation, it is better have challenges and point corrections during a contest rather than afterwards. But sometimes, as here, that is impractical or doesn't happen. Does that mean that post-contest challenges are unhelpful? I don't think so. I think post-contest challenges improve the contests and are worthwhile. Rules and records are at stake for the future. So is the quality of future contests. It's also important to be sportsmanlike when on the receiving end of challenges, both in sports and in life, as you have been.
:::: I'm sure some disagree with me. Barry Bonds set a new home run record without breaking any rules of baseball. I think that record should be taken away from him in a "post-contest" challenge. Apparently the baseball owners disagree, but I think they are making a mistake. Italy won the world cup by calling France's star player a "terrorist", compelling him to strike back and be ejected from the game. This was not confirmed until days after the contest. I think a post-contest challenge would have enhanced the integrity of the World Cup, though I'm not saying Italy's victory should be taken away. I'm not saying your team's apparent victory should be taken away either!
:::: The bottom line is this: do post-contest challenges enhance the quality here, and help the competitiveness of future contests? I think the answer is "yes". It is up to the judges, not to you or me, how to handle your points and that of your teammates. Thanks again for participating, and may the best team be declared the winner! Godspeed.--[[User:Aschlafly|Aschlafly]] 10:05, 25 November 2007 (EST)
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