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/* The Moon as God's creation */ my 2 cents
==The Moon as God's creation==
The Earth's moon has several striking characteristics. To many, these characteristics appear as "clues" or "hints" left by God for men to discover. [http: //]
===Size of its disc===
The Moon currently recedes from the Earth at a rate of 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) per year<ref>NASA [ Measuring the Moon's Distance], LPI Bulletin, No. 72, August, 1994.</ref>, and is believed by mainstream scientists to be 4.6 billion years old <ref>NASA, [ Apollo Expeditions to the Moon], Chapter 15.2.</ref>.<br />The Moon could never have been closer than about 11,000 miles or it would have been broken up by tidal forces.<ref name="js">Sarfati, Jonathan, [ The moon: the light that rules the night], ''Creation'' 20(4):36–39, September 1998.</ref><br />If the rate of recession stayed constant at 3.8 cm per year, it would take 9.6 billion years for the lunar distance to migrate from 11,000 miles to the present distance of about 240,000 miles.<br />However, the rate of recession would not have been constant, but would have been greater in the past, so that extrapolating backwards in time results in the moon being in contact with the earth 1.37 billion years ago,<ref name="js" /> seemingly (if the assumptions stated above are correct) contradicting the view of an [[Old Earth]] promoted by [[atheists]].
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