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:'''Hand''' - Either cured on the bone to make a ham, or used in [[sausage]]s.
:'''Loin''' - This can be cured to give bacon or divided up into roasting joints and pork chops.
:'''Chump''' - Similar to loin, chump comes in the form of chops and steaks.:'''Belly''' - Belly pork is used for steaks or diced as a frying meat. Belly pork may be rolled for roasting or cut for streaky bacon.:'''Shoulder''' - The shoulder joint of pork can be bought as smaller cuts or as a whole roasting joint. It is also used for diced cubes to make [[baconcasserole]]s as well as being minced and made into sausages.
:'''Legs/Hams''' - Although any cut of pork can be cured, only the back leg is entitled to be called a ham. Ham is cured to preserve it either by dry curing with [[salt]] or wet-curing using brine (salt solution).
:'''Trotters''' - Both the front and hind trotters can be cooked and eaten or preserved by pickling.