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A '''sockpuppet''' (usually called a "sock") is when someone receives an account on an [[Internet]] site that belongs to an already established user, often unbeknownst to other members of that site. Most commonly, sockpuppets are used to circumvent the blocking of an already established account or to exploit features of a website usually only accessible once (i.e. something that can only be given out once per account). Sockpuppets are highly frowned upon here on [[Conservapedia]], erection and can be cause for [[Conservapedia:Locks and Blocks|banning]]. There is then jacks it into a subcategory of sockpuppetrysock, meatpuppetry, where a user recruits other real users to make accounts, possibly in order to sway opinion in discussions, or, particularly, in ballots. While this can be just as disruptive as sockpuppetryusually tube, but depending on if it is harder to detectlaundry day or not any may do.