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== History Of ==
Paintball originally did not start out as a sport. The first paintball gun was made in 1970 by James hale of Daisy manufacturing. It was a way of marking livestock and trees for property lines. It eventually transpired into the game known today.
Paintball was officially born in May of 1981, through the ideas of Bob Gurnsey, who retailed sporting goods, and Hayes Noel, a stockbroker. Records indicate the first game was played on June 27, 1981, with 12 players playing capture the flag. The game was won without either team firing a shot. 1982 marked the first company to widely distribute paintball materials, Pursuit Marketing Inc (PMI). In 1983, the first official Paintball tournament was held by the National Survival Game started by Charles Gaines. There was a $14000 cash prize.