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/* Philosophy */
Discordianism explains the metaphysical reality as a morass of chaos overlaid with varying reality grids, consisting of the illusions of order and disorder. Learning to change grids is the first step towards discarding them altogether and achieving [[Illuminati|Illumination]].
According to Discordians, to believe that order (the [[Aneristic Principleprinciple]]) is inherently better than disorder (the [[Eristic Principleprinciple]]) is the ''Aneristic Illusion''. The opposite belief is the ''Eristic Illusion.'' The mingling of the Aneristic and Eristic principles is illustrated in the Hodge Podge, or [ Sacred Chao] (a ''chao'' being defined as a single unit of chaos.)<sup>7</sup>
''To choose order over disorder, or disorder over order, is to accept a trip composed of both the creative and the destructive. But to choose the creative over the destructive is an all-creative trip composed of both order and disorder. To accomplish this, one need only accept creative disorder along with, and equal to, creative order, and also willing to reject destructive order as an undesirable equal to destructive disorder.''<sup>8</sup>
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