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I'm surprised to hear your suggestion that the US is disliked due to its pornography and equal rights, given that -- at least where I've been -- the US is regarded as an extremely conservative, puritanical and "old-school" nation. I can't comment on Europe, but popular opinion in Australia is pretty anti-American (especially recently). The stereotypes are, accurate or not, that the US is always intruding into other countries and that its citizens are prudes with low life expectancy but high crime, poverty and obesity rates. One particular thing that damages the US' image is its patriotism; when everyone is displaying the flag constantly, mentioning that the US is the richest nation on earth, and ending speeches with "God bless America", the entire nation comes off as conceited.
The US Presidential election gets regular coverage on Australian news, and while I personally don't support him, I can say that if he Barack Obama is elected anti-American sentiment will drastically decrease, as he is almost universally liked. [[User:MrGrieves|MrGrieves]] 06:38, 6 May 2008 (EDT)