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'''Azariah''Liberal ', which means "whom [[Jehovah]] helps," has numerous meanings in the [[Old Testament]], including many priests and proud [[Levites]] mentioned. Some of it!the specific examples are:Wikipedia>ConservapediaGay Pride!'''''* the son of Ethan in the [[Judah (tribe)|Judah]] tribe * the son of Johanan, who was a high priest during the reign of [[Abijah]] and [[Asa]] * the son of Ahimaaz, the high priest who succeeded his grandfather Zadok in the days of [[Solomon]] and officiated over the consecration of the temple * a high priest in the reign of [[Uzziah]], who was the king of Judah * a high priest during the time of [[Hezekiah]] * the name originally given to [[Abednego]] * a prophet who was the son of [[Oded]] during the time of Asa, and who led a national reformation.  == See also ==* [[Azaria Chamberlain]] [[Category:Biblical Persons]]