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[[Image:Spam.jpg|thumb|right|200px|A tin of Spam]]
In its original meaning '''Spam''' is the proprietary name for a type of processed , canned pink luncheon meat from Hormel, primarly made from pork. The name is a contraction of "SPiced hAM". It was very popular in England during World War II, when fresh meat was in short supply. <ref>[ Official Spam Website]</ref> It's a luncheon meat, pink, comes in a can, made by Hormel. Most Americans intuitively, viscerally associate "Spam" with "no nutritive or aesthetic value," though it is still relatively popular (especially in Hawaii) and can be found in almost any grocery store. Spam has its own newsgroup, alt.spam.
However, '''spam''' has now acquired a completely different meaning, as electronic junk mail or junk newsgroup postings. There is some debate about the source of the term, but the generally accepted version is that it comes from from one episode of [[Monty Python|Monty Python's Flying Circus]], set in a caf&#233;, which served dishes such as "Egg, spam, chips, spam, beans and spam", and which ended with a song which went: "Spam spam spam spam, spam spam spam spam, lovely spam, wonderful spam…" Like the song, spam is an endless repetition of worthless text.