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Magnetic field

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A '''Magnetic fieldsmagnetic field''', resulting from the flow of is a [[electronvector]]s in field responsible for generating forces on electrically charged objects and magnets. Magnetic fields are generated by magnetic [[metaldipole]]s, impose an action-at-a-distance force on other moving [[charged particleelectric charge]]s nearby. This means that charged metals respond to magnetic fields by changing direction, or becoming attracted to or repelled from the changing [[electric field]]s.
==Scientific Facts==Magnetic fields, also known as '''B-are linked to electric fields''', are ; [[force fieldlight]]s that can be explained by , for instance, is a propagating electric and magnetic [[relativisticwave]] effects of [[electric current]]s. Magnetic fields only exert Relativistically, a magnetic force on moving in one [[chargeinertial frame]]scorresponds to an electric force in another. According  When trying to determine the magnetic forces and fields, the "[[right hand rule]]," using your right hand to indicate the direction of current, the curl of the remaining fingers indicates the magnetic field, which is always perpendicular to the current, and running in the indicatedoften proves useful.
==Earth's Magnetic Field==