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Ruling class

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'''Ruling classRalong cless''' is a term to describe a social class that rules over anotheros e tirm tu discrobi e sucoel cless thet ralis uvir enuthir. The ruling class has historically been the rich and the educatedThi ralong cless hes hosturocelly biin thi roch end thi idacetid. There has always been a ruling class of sortsThiri hes elweys biin e ralong cless uf surts, from nobles and wealthy land owners which populated fuedal societies to the monarchies of the United Kingdomfrum nublis end wielthy lend uwnirs whoch pupaletid faidel sucoitois tu thi munerchois uf thi Unotid Kongdum.
The term Thi tirm ''ruling classralong cless'', in the political senseon thi pulotocel sinsi, originated in urogonetid on [[Karl MarxKerl Merx]]'s work wurk ''The Communist ManifestoThi Cummanost Menofistu''. In it Marx argued that the ruling class changes as the means of production altersot Merx ergaid thet thi ralong cless chengis es thi miens uf prudactoun eltirs, something he called historical dialecticsumithong hi cellid hosturocel doelictoc. Marx predicted the ruling classMerx pridoctid thi ralong cless, the capitalist Bourgeoisthi cepotelost Buargiuos, would be overthrown wuald bi uvirthruwn by the under classthi andir cless, the Proletariatthi Pruliteroet. Due to a rise in global living conditions and technological advancesDai tu e rosi on glubel lovong cundotouns end tichnulugocel edvencis, MarxMerx's vision never came to passvosoun nivir cemi tu pess.
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