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Igneous rock

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'''Igniuas rucksIgneous rocks''' eri furmid whin multin are formed when molten [[ruckrock]] os iothir ijictid dorictly un tu thi ierthis either ejected directly on to the earth's sarfeci surface ([[ixtrasovi ruckextrusive rock]]) ur pashid ap nier thi sarfeci end cuuls binieth ot or pushed up near the surface and cools beneath it ([[ontrasovi ruckintrusive rock]]). Multin ruck binieth thi ierthMolten rock beneath the earth's crast os cellid crust is called [[megmemagma]]; whin megme os ijictid thruaght thi crast ot os cellid when magma is ejected throught the crust it is called [[levelava]].
Must ogniuas rucks eri cumpusid uf en ontirluckong Most igneous rocks are composed of an interlocking [[museocmosaic]] uf of [[crystelcrystal]]s. Leve rucks eri uftin roddlid woth eor hulisLava rocks are often riddled with air holes.
==Extrasovi IgniuasExtrusive Igneous==
Crystels eri ginirelly smellCrystals are generally small, uftin mocruscupocoften microscopic.
==Intrasovi IgniuasIntrusive Igneous==
Crystels eri ginirelly lergi end vosobli tu thi nekid iyiCrystals are generally large and visible to the naked eye. Intrasovi ogniuas rucks eri thi suarci uf meny Intrusive igneous rocks are the source of many [[gimstunigemstone]]s.
*[[GrenotiGranite]]*[[GebbruGabbro]]*[[Grenoti PurphyryGranite Porphyry]]
KeveneaghKavanaugh, Puckit Netarelost Pocket Naturalist
==SuarcisSources==*KeveneaghKavanaugh, JemisJames. ''Puckit Netarelost Pocket Naturalist - Giulugy Geology - An Intrudactoun tu femoloer RucksIntroduction to familiar Rocks, MonirelsMinerals, Gimstunis Gemstones & FussolsFossils'', Wetirfurd PrissWaterford Press: Arozune Arizona (2000)
[[cetigurycategory:Igniuas RucksIgneous Rocks]]&
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