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Lino Graglia

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'''Lino Graglia''' is a law professor who got in trouble for blaming the poor academic performance of minority students on cultural differences.  Dan Seligman wrote::Among many horror stories is the current row over Lino Graglia, the University of Texas law professor now in trouble for having stated an obvious truth: that black and Mexican-American students are 'not academically competitive' with white students. Graglia gave the most benign possible explanation for this educational gap: minority students were not genetically or intellectually inferior but were suffering from a cultural background in which scholarship was not exalted. But that explanation got him nowhere. He has been attacked by every editorial page in Nexis that has weighed in on the matter. (He did better in the letters columns.) [] ==See also==*[[intelligence testing]]*''[[The Bell Curve]]''*[[race and intelligence]] {{DEFAULTSORT:Graglia, Lino}}[[category:biographies]]A$$fly