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American History Homework Nine Answers - Student One

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2. I believe imperialism is a good thing, in moderation. Not only does it give a nation more land and resources, it can give a nation more protection. For example, if America had not approved the Louisiana purchase, then it would have been sold to another nation and America would have another border to protect. In America's case, imperialism was good for both American and the other nation they were taking over. America got more land and resources; the nation America was taking over got freedom.
3. The progressive movement was a benefit to America. Obviously, a better government is desirable. Suffrage for women is a good thing. Women deserve the right to vote and have a say in political matters. Direct election of senators ensures that the American people will have a say in the government. Laws against child labor and sweatshops provided better safety. The farmers were helped, indirectly helping the food market; a large percentage of food came from farmers. The progressive movement did much more to help America besides the ones listed above.
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