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Examples of Bias in Wikipedia

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"result... is to conceal" is grammatically incorrect. It could be "the goal is to conceal" or "the result is the concealing [or concealment] of"
The following is a growing list of examples of '''[[liberal bias]], [[deceit]], frivolous [[gossip]], and blatant errors on [[Wikipedia]]'''.
#Wikipedia's entry about [[Conservapedia]] contains four unsupported smears in its very first sentence,<ref></ref> and conceals from readers how Conservapedia offers free online courses for teenagers. The result of this bias by Wikipedia, which raises money as a charity, is to conceal the concealing and demonize demonizing of a free learning resource that Wikipedia itself does not offer.
#Wikipedia's entry on the [[Scopes trial]] downplays the fact that Darrow cowardly reneged in his agreement to take the witness stand, and pled his client guilty in order to avoid it. Instead, Wikipedia deceptively claims that "Darrow asked the judge to bring in the jury '''only''' to have them come to a guilty verdict."<ref> (emphasis added)</ref><ref>Thanks much to a student in our [[American_History_Lectures|American History course]] for pointing this out.</ref>
#[[California]]'s Proposition 8 states that "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." The Wikipedia article<ref></ref> does not mention that only those marriages are recognized under federal law anyway, and editors have removed any mention of the federal [[Defense of Marriage Act]].<ref></ref>