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'''Gasoline''' or '''gas''' is a [[fuel]] derived from [[petroleum]], which is in turn derived from ancient [[vegetable]] matter and [[dinosaur]]s. Gasoline is an aliphatic hydrocarbon, or the molecules are composed of nothing but hydrogen and carbon in long chains. The energy contained in a gallon of gasoline is approximately 132X10<sup>6</sup> joules of [[energy]], equivalent to 125,000 [[BTU]] or 36,650 [[watt-hours]]. <ref> US Department of Energy []</ref> This high energy density allows for much of the modern industry and comforts of the modern world through the [[transportation]] of goods and people.
<br>Gasoline is refined from [[crude oil]] via [[distillation]]. Gasoline is sold at gas or fueling stations where it is pumped into [[vehicle]]s. According to national figures from the U.S. Department of Energy, in May 2007, 46% of the cost of gasoline went to pay for crude oil, 28% for refining, 13% to taxes, and 13% for distribution and marketing<ref>Energy Information Administration []</ref>. While Prices have risen to new highs, in [[inflation|inflationary]] terms, gas prices are still lower than during the [[1973 Energy Crisis]] or the [[1979 Energy Crisis]]. It is illegal to pump your own gas in [[Oregon]].
==See Also==
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