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Harry Potter

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[[Image:67486ruy.jpg|right|thumb|British edition of '''Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone'''.]]
The '''''Harry Potter''''' books are a hugely popular<ref> The author has sold 350 million books and counting, been translated into 65 languages and had her work made into highly successful movies. [ ABC News] </ref> series of seven popular fantasy novels by [[J.K. Rowling]] about three children at a British boarding school: Harry, Ron and Hermione. The children grow from age 11 to 17 in the books, giving them appeal to a broad range of readers including children and teenagers, but also appealing to adults.
==SynopsisHarry Potter=='''Harry Potter''' is the [[protagonist]] and the plot of each book focuses on Harry's adolescence and fight against the [[antagonist]] wizard Lord Voldemort. The books combine elements of whimsy reminiscent of ''[[Alice in Wonderland]]'', the strange adult immaturity of ''[[Through the Looking Glass]]'', and the implacable good vs. evil fight of ''[[The Lord of the Rings]]''.
When Lord Voldemort, the most powerful Dark Wizard for Harry was a centurymere baby, turned the curse that had killed so many witches and wizards on Harry Potter, it rebounded upon [[Voldemort, ripping him from ]] murdered his bodyparents, and his powers gone, barely alive, he fled. Young Harry is given a strange marking on never found out that his forehead. "Through the sacrificial goddess magic of his mother'parents were [[wizard (fiction)|wizard]]s love, baby Harry is saved and until his blood is given magical powers11th birthday (it came as a giant surprise). Unable [[Hagrid]] took him to kill Harry[[Diagon Alley]] for robes, in revenge, Voldemort sears a death curse of a lightning bolt books and wand; then on Harry's forehead." (Some have criticized the imagery behind the lightning bolt itself, comparing it with the to [[NaziHogwarts]] SS symbol) Rowling, a graduate of Exeter University in boarding school for wizards and witches. He had many adventures there learning [[Englandmagic]], is very familiar with occultic practices, and using elements and philosophies behind "pagan religions, celtic religions, it to fight the religions forces of the druids, witchcraft, [and[Voldemort|wizard] satanism." Little is said during the time Harry's parents are ] who killed until his [[parent]]s when he is around 10 years oldwas an [[infant]]. At Along the age of 11way, Harry travels to Hogwarts, where he learns about life and [[death]] and other students are taught by the faculty, all accomplished wizards and grapples with questions of [[witchmorality]]es, how to properly use magic tools, spells and rituals. One such tool is a tail feather from the powerful, mythical [[Phoenixfriendship]] bird. The school Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, owns such a bird, a symbol of resurrection. Both Harry and Lord Voldemort uses the tail feather There are seven books in their wand, perhaps symbolizing, as some critics say, that total to the source of their powers come from the same place, even though Potter and Voldemort are enemies, one using "white" magic and one "dark arts". The wand is only one of many magical items used and studiedseries.
The books have been fabulously successful, selling 300 million copies, and ''[[Forbes]]'' estimates that they have made Rowling the first billion-dollar [[author]] in history.<ref>[ J. K. Rowling And The Billion-Dollar Empire].</ref> To date, five of them have been made into movies, the sixth to begin filming September 2007.
The ''Harry Potter'' series of [[book]]s are sizable volumes. The 870 pages of ''Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'', even though printed in large type, contain 255,000 words&mdash;about twice as long as ''A Tale of Two Cities''. The "Lexile" measure of reading level puts the series between 880L and 950L,<ref>For comparison: ''Charlotte's Web'' 680L, ''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'' 890L, ''Moby Dick'' 1200L</ref> comparable to sixth-grade texts<ref>[ The Lexile framework for reading].</ref>
== Christian Theme in ''Harry Potter'' ==
Despite some criticism from mainline Christians who oppose ''Harry Potter'' for allegedly endorsing witchcraft, the series includes some aspects that parallel Christianity. Harry's death and rebirth at the end of Book VII (''Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'') can be seen as mirroring the rebirth of [[Christ]]. Just as the savior of humanity was reborn, so Harry Potter, as the fictional savior of the magical world, is reborn. Further, this rebirth carries a special, significant guardianship trait: as Christ died to forgive the sins of humanity, resulting in salvation for all mankind, so Harry's death grants a protective magic to himself and to his friends. It could be said that ''Harry Potter'' teaches the nobility of meaningful sacrifice.