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Devolution of language

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* "media" now means ''the press'', rather than modes of transferring information. The singular "medium" has largely been lost
* "civil rights" used to refer to ensuring equality between the races, but now, to organizations like the [[ACLU]], it involves ridiculous causes like promotion of the [[gay agenda]] and pro-abortion rights
* "gay" once simply meant carefree and happy, but has been deliberately distorted in meaning by Liberals and atheists to further the [[Homosexual agenda]]
Devolution of language also applies to [[vocabulary]] in general. Low [[literacy]] levels fostered by liberal education systems reduce readers' ability to comprehend words commonly found in [[literature]] but not used in unintellectual entertainment and media. One report stated that the average 14-year-old's vocabulary has decreased 60% since 1945, roughly coinciding with the dominance of liberal [[public school|public schooling]].<ref>Decline from 25,000 to 10,000. ''Utne Reader'' (July-August 2000), 28-9.</ref>