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Stephen Green

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In the course of his efforts to promote the Gospel, Green has, at times, been subject to legal sanctions. On September 2, 2006, he was arrested for passing out leaflets at a homosexual event. The arrest was made despite the fact that police admitted he was not behaving in a violent or aggressive manner; police further confirmed that he was arrested because his leaflets contained Biblical quotes about homosexuality. <ref> </ref> <ref></ref>
More recently, Green's efforts to hold broadcasters accountable for the airing of blasphemous material have made headlines. On January 8, 2008, Green sought to prosecute Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC, and Jonathan Thoday, the producer of ''Jerry Springer: the Opera,'' for broadcasting material of a blasphemous nature. The courts denied him the right to pursue prosecution due to lack of prima facie evidence that a crime had been committed, and because any otherwise-actionable blasphemous content was protected by the 1968 Theatres Act. <ref></ref> Following this decision, the court ruled that Green would be held liable for costs totalling £180180,000, Pounds...a sum which Green says will bankrupt him, and have a chilling effect on future attempts to hold broadcasters accountable.