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/* Suggestion */ All on one is probably too much
::You surmised correctly, Philip. I agree, as a compromise, a single linked page to the Star Trek main article, detailing the characters. Perhaps detailing the main characters of all three Star Trek series. And I also agree with your suggestion about putting the religion discussion onto its own, linked page. --[[User:TK|'''₮K''']]<sup>[[User_Talk:TK|/Talk!]]</sup> 19:07, 29 December 2008 (EST)
::: There's been ''five'' live-action series. I'm not sure whether putting them all on the one page is a good idea; one page per series might be better (although a few overlap series).
::: As a minimum, the page(s) should contain details of all the regular characters:
:::{| class="wikitable"
! Original series || Next Generation || Voyager || DS9 || Enterprise
|- style="vertical-align:top"
*[[Captain Kirk|Kirk]]
*[[Dr. McCoy|McCoy]]
*La Forge
*Beverly Crusher
*Wesley Crusher
*Benjamin Sisko
*Jake Sisko
*the doctor
*Seven of Nine
:::And I've missed a few (including at least two from Next Gen). Plus there's a number of other semi-regular ones that could be included. Putting all them on one page is going to make for a large page, even given only a paragraph or two each.
::: [[User:Philip J. Rayment|Philip J. Rayment]] 10:10, 30 December 2008 (EST)
== Homosexuality ==
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