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Sorry if I'm stepping on toes, but the article has been deleted, and there's no need to paste a reply in three different places
* [[Christian Style]]
* [[Gerin Oil]]
* [[Submitted to a Candid World]] - by creator's admission is an unnotable topic, contains many disputable statements which are completely unsourced, has several lines of parody "The blog owner is also reported to have flown over Muslim countries dropping leaflets", and contains a number of made up categories whose redlinks will screw up "Wanted Pages". None of these issues can be addressed or even raised on the talk page as the creator has locked everything for no apparant reason. Appears to be exploiting this encyclopedia to further a personal dispute, and creator should be disciplined for this.
:::NormanS, No offense intended to you but I was not fulfilling a personal vendetta and the owner of the blog has stated he found the material humorous. Secondly, I do think the owner of the blog got the message that there are better ways of promoting his blog than trying to list it at Conservapedia which will likely never happen. I did tell the owner of the blog it was pointless to try to get his blog listed but he chose to ignore my advice. Next, I think you are creating a tempest in a teapot and should lighten up, but I do realize you have good intentions. If I am not mistaken the owner of conservapedia has stated an octopus related entry was done to parody environmentalist of the extremist type (I never personally read the octopus related article myself but it appears the article was called: "Pacific Northwest Arboreal Octopus"). It appears as if the owner of Conservapedia may have known about the octopus related spoof article and seen it as a harmless joke entry. Regardless of whether the owner knew or not, I believe no action was taken against the creator of the article. But please correct me if disciplinary action was taken against the person and I am mistaken. Lastly, if memory serves, I clearly indicated that the parody article would be temporary and taken down once the owner got the message it was intended to convey. [[User:Conservative|conservative]] 21:18, 1 January 2009 (EST)