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Coptic Church

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The Coptic Church of Egypt is a non-Chalcedonian Church and is similar to the [[Eastern Orthodox Church]] in ethos, lifestyle, and worship.
Although most of Egypt presently follows Islam, a 10 million member remnant<ref></ref> of the Coptic Church persists to this day in Egypt. Due to radical Islam, persecution of the Coptic Church has increased in recent yearsand the percentage of Coptics adherents as a percentage of the population is shrinking.
On March 30, 2008 London Security forces ordered a "body search" for the Coptic Pope before boarding a flight to Egypt.<ref></ref> The intervention of an Egyptian diplomat prevented a full strip and body cavity search. It is unknown if the security forces who tried to conduct a "body search" had any [[Muslim]] ties.
The Coptic Pope says other Churches were wrong to exonerate the Jews for the Crucifixion of Christ and implied states his belief that any Church that doesn't consider Jews to be "Christ Killers" is going "against the teachings of the [[New Testament]] shows that Jews were responsible for The Crucifixion."<ref></ref>
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