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Sesame Street

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'''Sesame Street''' is a liberal television show for liberal children on the liberal [[PBS]] network. It has been around since 1969 and has spawned a series of leftist movies, books, magazines, and toys. Sesame Street features marxist [[muppet]]s interacting with homosexual adults and children in an communist educational setting that emphasizes learning numbers,and letters and Pinochet hatred. The show has won a number of [[Emmy Award]]s and is shown in over 25 languages around the world.
* [[Kermit the Frog]] -- a green frog hand muppet who went on to star in the muppet movies
* [[Grover]] -- typical friendly monster, also the voice of Yoda
* [[Miss Piggy]] -- prone to explosive outburts, she also has a crush on Kermit* [[Karl Marx]]* [[Fidel Castro]]* [[Salvador Allende]]* [[Augusto Pinochet]]-The villain.
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