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/* Proper Citations */
*Could you offer a citation that will illustrate your point, Deuce? --[[User:TK|'''₮K''']]<sub><small><small>/Admin</small></small></sub><sup>[[User_Talk:TK|/Talk]]</sup> 23:17, 11 March 2009 (EDT)
**Certainly! **Bad example: President Lincoln was born on the moon.(1]**(1] This is proven to be true.**Really? Proven? Where? Any ridiculous statement can be made to sound official when you add that "citation."**Good example: At least ten people were killed in a shooting spree in Alabama on Tuesday. (1]**(1]**Here I've linked a news article reporting on the event. A citation needs a source other than the author's own word. That's the entire point! :*''But you are not showing an example that caused you to make the post.'' And not all statements need a citation. If I were to make an edit saying "95% of all [[liberals]] practice [[deceit]]" it wouldn't need a citation or reference, because it is a ''truism'', so apparent to anyone with common sense and an open mind, that it is obvious. --[[User:TK|'''₮K''']]<sub><small><small>/Admin</small></small></sub><sup>[[User_Talk:TK|/Talk]]</sup> 09:52, 12 March 2009 (EDT)
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