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The '''Tyrannosaurus rex''', or T-rex, was a large carnivorous [[dinosaur]] with very small forelimbs, large hind legs and a long tail. It is one of the largest land carnivores to have ever walked the earth, measuring about 13 meters long and 5 meters high.<ref>Brochu, C.R. 2003. Osteology of Tyrannosaurus rex: insights from a nearly complete skeleton and high-resolution computed tomographic analysis of the skull. Memoirs of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. 7: 1-138.</ref> Most mainstream scientists believe that the T-rex lived at the end of the [[Cretaceous]] period, approximately 65 million years ago. [[Young Earth Creationism|Young Earth Creationists]] on the other hand believe that they became extinct some 6-5,000 years ago, after [[Great Flood|Noah's Flood]] when the environment became too hostile for them, however , this view is supported by very little scientific evidence, and is generally regarded as nonsense by athiestswith much skepticism outside of the young earth creationist community.