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The '''Skunkskunk''' is an [[omnivorous]] [[mammal]] that lives in [[North America]] and [[South America]]. Some varieties of skunks also live in [[the Phillipines]] and in [[Indonesia]]. All skunks belong to the family ''Mephitidae''. Skunks are small, usually only 15 inches long and 1 pound, and are black with a white stripe or stripes along their back. Skunks are striped from birth, unlike most animals which only get their defined markings later in life.[[Image:Skunk.jpg|right|250px200px|thumb|Striped Skunk]]‎
Skunks are most commonly known for their ability to spray a rotten smelling fluid up to 10 feet, as a defense to ward off attackers. Skunks usually do not spray until after hissing and stamping their feet.