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/* Is she Christian? */
All in all, I wouldn't be that against making the argument that Coulter is proving to be a liability for her party much like, say, Howard Dean was for the dems. [[User:Acwellman]]
Ann Coulter, by her own behavior and well-documented statements, is about as Christian as Attila the Hun. A person of her level of outrageous offensiveness does more to hurt the conservative cause than any liberal could ever do. That Andy Schlafly abuses his power to shield her from criticism is a sad indicator of his political blindness deeming it acceptable to demonize people with whom you politically disagree in as vicious terms as possible, and to distort facts to suit your own agenda. Why do people like the runners of this website not see that this is not the effective way to promote conservatism?? By demonizing everyone else, and even accusing fellow conservatives who disagree with you on specific issues of being secret liberals?
This website is run like a Nazi dictatorship, with Andy and his ass-kissing moderators deciding what truth and reality are.