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United Kingdom Independence Party

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The '''United Kingdom Independence Party''', also known by the acronym '''UKIP''', is a British political party. Founded in 1993, it campaigns for [[British]] withdrawal from the [[European Union]] (EU). Its support-base is made up substantially of right-wing voters disaffected from other parties and fearful of Europe and immigration.
In the British Parliament, UKIP has no representatives elected one representative in Commons 2005, Bob Spink,(having although it won only 2.4% of the vote in the 2005 general election) and ; it has 2 members in the [[House of Lords]]. Spink left the party in 2008, leaving UKIP without a voice in Commons. However it did well and won 16% of the vote and 12 of the UK's 78 seats in the [[European Parliament]] in the 2004 European elections.
UKIP's present leader, Nigel Farage, is attempting to present the party as having a broad political agenda extending beyond withdrawal from the [[EU]]. Consistently with this aim, he is seeking to shorten the party's name to "the Independence Party".