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Essay:Liberal Denials about History

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/* General denials */
#That "anti-imperialism" movements against the United States were really communist or Muslim movements against Christianity, as in denying the Islamic basis for the Philippine insurgency around 1900.
#That the colony and state of "Virginia" was named after the "Virgin Queen" Elizabeth.
#That the colony and state of Maryland was named after Queen Henrietta Maria.#That President [[FDR]] did not end the [[Great Depression]], and may have prolonged it.#That President [[LBJ]]'s [[Great Society]] did little to alleviate poverty.#That President [[Ronald Reagan]]'s foreign policy was key to ending the Cold War.
#That NO "[[triangular trade]]" existed in the 17th and 18th centuries with the New World<ref>In fact, no specific "triangular" trade route has ever been identified and it is unlikely that there was significant sale of goods to Africa at that time. The term was invented by an historian more than 100 years later.</ref>