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Giant panda

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[[Theory of evolution|Evolutionists]] such as [[Stephen Jay Gould]] have tried to claim that the panda's thumb, which is a modified seamoid bone, is evidence of evolution. Gould claimed that an actual [[God|Intelligent Designer]] would have made the panda's thumb the same as the human thumb. But all this shows is variation, not [[Theory of evolution|evolution]], possibly occurring in the panda. This argument also assumes that the Designer would want to design the panda the same way He designed the human. This assumption depends on revelation or hubristic assumptions about the nature of God.<ref>Woodmorappe, John, [ Panda thumbs its nose at the dysteleological arguments of the atheist Stephen Jay Gould], ''Journal of Creation'' 13(1):45–48, April 1999.</ref>
The [[WWF|World Wide Fund for Nature]] uses a giant panda as its logo, and the animal has been an enduring symbol for wildlife conservation for over 40 years.