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Augusto Pinochet

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In 1998, the [[leftists]] who long hated Pinochet for defeating them arranged for his arrest while he was in [[London]] receiving medical treatment. The [[leftists]] arranged for an unprecedented arrest warrant to be issued in [[Spain]] for alleged [[human rights]] violations that occurred in Chile during while Pinochet was president. It was outrageous that an activist court in Spain would assert jurisdiction over Pinochet in London for allegations arising long ago in Chile. The stunt failed, and Pinochet was subsequently returned to Chile in part based on his ill health. The [[leftists]] continued after him, and had him indicted and charged with [[kidnapping]] 19 supporters of Salvador Allende during the 1973 coup in which Pinochet took power. The Chilean [[Supreme Court]] suspended the prosecution in July 2002, again due to Pinochet's continuing poor health.[1]
Pinochet died of a heart attack on December 10, 2006, before receiving any judgement from the court.<ref> NYTimes</ref>
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