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/* Christianity and Judaism */
As noted, the name Allah is used by Arab Christians throughout the Middle East. It is also used by Arabic Jews, especially those residing in Yemen. According to the [[Qur'an]] the authority of the [[Torah]] and the [[Gospels]] is subordinated to the content of Muslim revelation. It was regarded by the prophet [[Muhammad]] that both, the Jewish and Christian scriptures, were "corrupted" (from the Arabic term: ''Tahrif''). ''Accordingly, since the Qur'an has remained unaltered to the present day, (compared to the other Scriptures) Muslims assert that only the Qur'an contains the Words of God -- the truth in toto (i.e., the whole truth and nothing but the truth). Whereas the earlier Scriptures/Books such as The New Testament, The Old Testament, etc. contain only partial truths.'' <ref> [ Islam and Christianity.] </ref>
Christians believe in the mystery of the [[Trinity ]] (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), but Muslims don't. In the Qur'an's Surah 13: ''"Allah is the Creator of all things: He is the One, the Supreme and Irresistible." ''
The Kalimah, the first of the 5 pillars of Islam, states: