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Debate:What exactly is Conservapedia?

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I am fascinated by the little disclaimer at the top of the debate page. Basically it says that this is a debate page, and ideas expressed here are not necessarily those of Conservapedia. Hmmm. My question is... then whose ideas are they?!?!?! The people allowed to edit here are allowed to edit Conservapedia! The people typing on this debate page are the same folks who wrote the last article you read. "Conservapedia" is the title of a database, the figure head, if you will. What "Conservapedia" really is, is the editors. (Sorry for using the word "is" twice in a row. Hope that wasn't confusing.) If Conservapedians all became liberal right now, and wrote articles with liberal biases, this would still be Conservapedia. (Though very ironic, indeed.) Conservapedia is the ''title'' of this database - not the slogan. So who is Conservapedia? Conservapedia are the editors, not the definition of pro-life, not the ideology of conservatives. The people that are sitting in front of their computer screen, typing. And ''their'' ideology. Do not confuse the title "Conservapedia" as the unspoken rule guiding editors. Conservapedia is you, the editor. --[[User:Humph|Humph]] 16:46, 15 May 2009 (EDT)Humph
I believe that Conservapedia is a parody on Conservatism written by crazy liberals seeking to one-dimensionalize and ridicule our position. They make us out to seem so gullible, irrational and egg-headed! I think that these liberals should be screened- otherwise the strawmen they set up here will be so easy to argue against and conservatism will be quickly sent to the grave!
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