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Counterexamples to an Old Earth

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/* Geology */ All [[Carbon dating]] of water supplies, even the most ancient and the deepest underground reservoirs, result in young ages.
# The existence of inland saltwater lakes, such as [[Mono Lake]] and the [[Great Salt Lake]], suggest a recent global [[flood]]
# The plentiful supply of high concentrations of underground well water, which would be expected based on familiar principles of [[entropy]] to dissipate over a long period of time.
# The [[Earth]]'s [[magnetic field]] is changing at too fast a rate for the Earth to be old. It is weakening in strength by 5% every 100 years<ref>[ Earth's Magnetic Field and its Changes in Time], from [[NASA]]</ref>. [[Exponential decay]] at that rate is not compatible with an old Old Earth, since it would have required the Earth's magnetic field to be impossibly large at the times postulated by old-Earth theory.
# Earthquakes alter the Earth's rotation every century; extrapolating by orders of magnitude in time would have resulted in the occurrence of much larger earthquakes that would have destabilized the rotation<ref>A similar analysis may be performed for the likelihood of devastating collisions with meteors as time is extrapolated by orders of magnitude.</ref>
# The lack of erosion between rock layers<ref></ref><ref></ref>
# Levels of contamination in water are rising, as water procedes through the [[water cycle]] it becomes progressively more contaminated. If earth (and life) had existed for billions of years, a limit would have long been reached where water (essential to life) was too contaminated for life to continue.
# [[Paraconformity]] and unconformity such as that seen at the [[Grand Canyon]] disprove the [[uniformitarianism (science)|uniformitarian]] view of earth history.
# All [[carbon dating]] of water supplies, even the most ancient and the deepest underground reservoirs, result in relatively young ages,<ref></ref> and no water has been found suggesting an Old Earth.
=== Biology ===
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